Small actions that have a big impact to try today

Being an ally is more than just saying something isn’t okay once we see it happen. It’s about taking action to prevent it happening in the first place. When tackling injustice, even small and simple actions in your own life can make a huge impact overall.

The actions below were taken from an article from UN Women. Read through these actions and see which might be easy to try in your own life.

1. Share the care
2. Call out sexism and harassment 
3. Reject the binary
4. Demand an equal work culture
5. Exercise your political rights
6. Shop responsibly 
7. Teach girls their worth

8. Amplify feminist books, movies and more 
9. Challenge what it means to “be a man”
10. Commit to a cause
11. Challenge beauty standards
12.  Respect the choices of others

Read the full article here about the twelve small actions with big impact for Generation Equality.

Things I can do today to be an ally


Do you believe women’s stories of abuse and violence? What stories have you heard about women that you know and did not believe? Reflect on why you didn’t believe them at the time and check out this show

Man Enough 2018 – #MeToo


Does your workplace have a parental leave policy that supports all caregivers regardless of gender? What supports are there for new dads and mums? 


Sign up the UN Women’s social media: Facebook or Instagram, or Women’s Health West Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Interested to know more?

Closing the allyship gap

“Most men want to be allies for gender equality, and many think they already are — but women aren’t convinced. It’s time for men to close this ‘allyship gap’ and move from intention to thoughtful action.” (Promundo research 2019)

If you are ready to step up to being an ally, read this research from the US: So, You Want To Be A Male Ally For Gender Equality? (And You Should): Results from a National Survey, and a Few Things You Should Know