Be part of the change to end violence against women

Welcome to the 16 Days of Allyship. This year, our focus in Melbourne’s west brings together two key approaches – allyship and the involvement of men. 

Being an ally to end violence against women is:

  • being someone who supports and advocates for the fair treatment of women   
  • being aware of men’s privilege and power  
  • constantly learning, questioning and evaluating what we say to ourselves about being a man 
  • taking action wherever we can, together with women, to end injustice and create a more equal society 
  • beginning the journey 

The focus on men this year also acknowledges that men have a critical role in ending violence against women. Historically, this work has been led by women, with many accomplishments by women to dateHowever, men are now becoming increasingly involved. As allies, men can work alongside women to end this violence and find less rigid forms of masculinity and manhood. 

Over these 16 days, we will introduce more aspects of being an ally and provide practical things you can do to begin your allyship journey.  

We invite you to hear from these men who have begun their allyship journey. Will you start yours? 

Things I can do today to be an ally


Watch the ‘Tips for Allyhood’ video. Reflect on one story that most spoke to you.


Invite another man to find out more about being an ally during this 16 days.


Share the ‘Tips for Allyhood’ video.

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Why Allyship?

Allyship has long been used in anti-discrimination campaigns (especially in racism and LGBTQIA+ rights). There is strong evidence backing it as a way to create change.

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